If you’re having a tough time integrating your Cisco PBX with your carrier, or if you’re just not satisfied with the services you’re currently receiving, Telnyx might just be able to assist you. As a reliable Cisco SIP trunk partner, we know what you need to get you up and running by complementing your system with our self-service portal and API. Curious about our compatibility? Click below to sign up for a free account!

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Cisco SIP Trunk Provider Challenges


Being charged an exorbitant amount by your Cisco SIP trunk provider? We hear that a lot from customers who've switched. There are plenty of carriers that charge not only for their termination and origination services but also for features that you might not even have a use for.


We know that your Cisco PBX system is one of the best in the industry, but your infrastructure is only as good as your carrier. Security and latency are just a couple of factors that lie within the responsibilities of your Cisco SIP trunk provider, so choosing the right company is crucial.


Quick and painless interoperability with your Cisco PBX is the ultimate goal for most organizations. But even after you’ve integrated, how user-friendly is the platform? Are the features available actually streamlining your process and helping your bottom line?


Cost Saver

At Telnyx, we really do believe that our clients should only pay for what they use. Our SIP trunk pricing structure reflects that belief - no year-long contracts to trap you, and no bundled packages that make you pay for features you don’t even want. Everything's a la carte!


Trust Telnxy and your Cisco PBX to give you the best combination of services when it comes to secure and quality call connections. We leverage our private network to pull your voice traffic off the public internet, carrying the media ourselves through our own global backbone.


Instant Cisco SIP trunk activation and immediate DID provisioning are just some of the many exciting features in our self-service Mission Control Portal. The goal here is to democratize the Public Switched Telephone Network and make universal communications possible for you.

Cisco SIP Trunk Features to Complement your PBX

The Mission Control Portal has all the Cisco PBX integrated features to support your telephony management needs.

DID & Toll-Free Provisioning

Looking for specific DIDs and toll-free numbers to purchase and instantly provision? We have an easy-to-use query within our portal that lets you search over 15,000 rate centers and activate them immediately.


Are you prepared when it comes to emergency situations? With our E911 feature, you can easily connect your address to a phone number, making sure responders know where to go.

Caller ID & CNAM

CNAM activation is super easy in the Mission Control Portal. Looking to do a caller ID override? This, along with call forwarding, are additional features that you can customize in the platform.


Looking for the ability to choose which point of presence you want your media to be anchored? We call that feature AnchorSite™, and it’s just another way for us to give the control over to you.

Real-time Reporting

We know that real-time data is important to your bottom line. This is why we give you access to your CDR and usage reports right in the portal to view and download whenever you need them.


Of course you’re looking for security when it comes to you and your users’ voice data. This is why we give you the option to choose between TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption for optimal media protection.


We leverage our top notch tier-1 interconnects, dynamically analyzing routes to ensure the best termination quality paths for your media. We don’t LCR your traffic and direct route wherever possible - this means only the best outbound calls for your users.

Ready to experience quality calls around the world from one of the best Cisco SIP trunk providers? Check out our list of supported platforms below, and check our easy-to-follow Cisco IP trunk configuration:

Cisco Business Edition 6000s
Cisco Spark
Cisco United Communications Manager
Cisco Call Manager

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