The Wholesale Elastic SIP Trunking Provider You’ve been Looking for

The golden age of SIP trunking is here. The question for most companies is no longer why they need to switch from their traditional phone systems but rather, which SIP trunk provider can solve their telephony challenges and offer the service that will best suit their business needs.

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So what are your challenges?


Is your existing provider charging you ridiculous amounts for inbound and outbound, as well as costs for additional features? Trapped in a contract and bundled pricing that you can’t get out of? We’ve heard it all before, and we know that cost can be a major pain point for most businesses.


How’s the overall quality of your existing SIP trunk provider? Improvements in bandwidth have changed the VoIP landscape, but the truth remains: your media still goes through the public internet, and security and latency are still issues that most companies need to overcome.


Can’t instantly provision phone numbers with your existing carrier? Limited features and lack of interoperability with your existing platform? The technology may be there, but we often see that usability and customization are forgotten in most platforms out in the market today.

Here’s How Telnyx Can Help


We here at Telnyx truly believe that you should only pay for what you use. This is why we put an end to long contracts and unnecessary bundled pricing for features you won’t even be using. This a la carte, wholesale pricing gives you the control to only pay for what you need.


Traditional VoIP carriers avoid the media path and have no way to ensure call quality. The actual audio is sent entirely over the public internet. Not us! We leverage our private network to pull your traffic off the public web and carry the media across our own fiber, ensuring quality and security.


Mission Control is the VoIP platform of your dreams. You can spin up DID numbers with instant provisioning at the click of a button. You can also build encrypted SIP trunks in a breeze. Looking to integrate? Our interactive API documentation makes it easy to test and implement.

Real-time Communications Delivered in Real Time

The Mission Control Portal has all the features you need available for immediate telephony management

Automatic DID and Toll-Free Provisioning

Our intuitive search feature makes looking for the right digits a snap, and activation is instant whether its toll-free, international or domestic phone numbers.


Telnyx has your back when it comes to emergency situations. Easily attach your business address to any phone number, so you will be confident that responders will know where to go.

Caller ID & CNAM

Higher call rates occur with calls that display a name and phone number. This is why we made it very simple to activate your CNAM and caller ID override in our Mission Control Portal.

Real-time reporting

Looking for the right type of data? We got you covered. The platform gives you access to real-time reporting, allowing you to track information such as your Call Detail Records and Usage Reports.


AnchorSite™ gives you the ability to decide at which point of presence you want us to anchor your call media for a smoother VoIP experience for your users.


We know that network security is a huge concern, which is why we provide TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption to ensure data integrity for your users.

First-class Termination Services

Get ready to experience crystal clear calling around the globe. We leverage our world-class tier-1 interconnects, dynamically analyzing routes to ensure the best termination quality paths. We don’t LCR your traffic and direct route wherever possible - this means topnotch outbound calls for you and your team.

Give us a try with a free $5 credit.